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Event Completed
Dominion Arboretum, Arboretum, Ottawa, ON K2C, Canada

About the Event

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Our fundraising event for the Ottawa Food Bank is a social distancing workout. The high-intensity workout classes will be from 11-2 pm on July 25th. The classes will be hosted by a local personal trainer at dominion arboretum. Throughout this event, facemasks and water will be available for purchase. Please follow all Covid guidelines for this in-person event.

You will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to your tickets! Please note that there is a limitation within the supplies, so get them while they last.

Get to know us:

Our team of diverse students is working to provide the Ottawa community with a more food-secure future. We are a passionate and capable group who look forward to working with the Ottawa Food Bank and our community at large. This team of young professionals is proud to support the great work done by this organization during the difficult times we find ourselves in.

Let’s know a little more about each one of us-


Food was never a problem for Gowri before moving out of India at 18. It was then she really understood how important it is to have a healthy meal. Even though she’s still learning to cook, she finds meditation in it.  Gowri loves volunteering to help food banks as she understands how her contribution can make an impact. She finds real happiness in knowing her small contribution can feed someone with the food and nutrition they require.


Canadian by birth and by soul; Mike is available to help around the clock. He believes in letting actions do the talking. A self-made man, he is climbing the ladders of professional learning one rung at a time. You can see Mike managing crisis communications for a wide range of industries in the near future. An avid home cook, Mike is proud to be able to provide a warm meal to those in need.


A Queen B admirer, Jessica is passionate and dedicated. She believes in working hard and remaining organised. With her content skills and social media ideation, Jess will be a needle mover in this ever-evolving communications industry. She is excited to be working for the cause of food security in her adoptive home, the Edmonton native is eager to help her community.


Amina is a design enthusiast, who constantly strives to evolve her creativity. She is in the field of public relations to be able to make a real difference. She believes it is a blessing to be able to give and that food security is a basic right and no one should have to be deprived of it. She is an avid home cook, often experimenting with new recipes and ingredients.


Megha is an enthusiastic and well-read international student from India. She has been volunteering her time to support various charities in her home country and is now committed to the cause of food security. Megha loves cooking Indian food and serving her family and friends. Stalwart and undaunted by challenge, Megha hopes to surpass the campaign goals this year.

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