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The unprecedented circumstances presented by the pandemic have had adverse effects on personal wellbeing, both physical and mental, and that’s without considering the threat to food security. Many people are currently not only dealing with the stress imposed by the pandemic, but they are also concerned about where they will receive their next meal. This free fundraising event in support of the Ottawa Food Bank will draw attention to the issue of food insecurity during this time, while also encouraging an environment to help individuals heal and support one another. Our event will be an afternoon of wellness-oriented activities, including a yoga class led by Erin Harris of SoulSpeak Yoga, and both a guided meditation and a mindfulness workshop led by the Mindfulness at Centrepointe centre. 

 Event Schedule: 1:00 pm: yoga class led by Erin Harris of SoulSpeak Yoga 2:30 pm: mindfulness workshop led by Dr. Raman Chawla of Mindfulness at Centrepointe 3:30 pm: guided meditation led by Carole Trepenier of Mindfulness at Centrepointe 4:00 pm: Event finish

 Register for our event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wellnessday-tickets-112868067428

Get to know us:

Meet the Wellness Day team! Members include Annette, Vivian, Mohamed, Katie, and Halah. This group of highly passionate individuals are eager to help the Ottawa Food Bank. Through our Wellness Day event, we hope to encourage a sense of community consistent with that of the Ottawa Food Bank. We hope attendees leave our event feeling refreshed, relaxed, and supported. We also intend for attendees to leave informed of the health effects food insecurity has on overall wellbeing, in an effort to encourage continued support for the OFB from all attendees.

Let’s know a little more about each one of us-

Annette Umoru 

My name is Annette Umoru and my passion is helping others and my community at large. I enjoy all things creative, including writing, singing, acting, dancing and design – anything that allows me to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences, really! I am enthusiastic about the Ottawa Food Bank fundraising campaign because I believe that everyone deserves to have reliable access to food. Food is life, and life is undoubtedly precious!

Halah Alariky

My name is Halah Alariky, I'm from Yemen, I'm 25 years old, I moved to Canada 2010, I have studied architectural engineering but I didn't enjoy it as much therefore I decided to drop it and take a Public Relation  program where I truly enjoy and love. I acknowledge that the Ottawa Food Bank is a very compassionate charity that helps low-income families and single parents. It is a very active charity campaign to which I look forward to making a substantial contribution.

Katie Dignard

My name is Katie Dignard, and I was born and raised in Ottawa. I am half Egyptian, and half French-Canadian. Some of my hobbies include online shopping, cooking and watching The Fast and The Furious series. I am a very outgoing and caring person, I often put others before myself. I am a huge fan of the Ottawa Food Bank and everything they do for the less fortunate, especially during times like these. Working with the Food Bank is going to be an amazing journey and I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity to give back to those who need it most.

Mohamed AlNafati

My name is Mohamed AlNafati, and I enjoy travelling, swimming, and helping people. I am very excited to help the Ottawa Food Bank pursue their ambition by devoting my time and working hard. Also, I think that this is an excellent opportunity to get some experience and most importantly, to help my community.

Vivian Walsh

Having lived in Ottawa for most of my life, I am highly passionate about ensuring all members of our community are supported by the best resources possible. As a particularly creative, inquisitive, and empathetic individual, my primary goal in life is to establish a platform to amplify voices which often go unheard. Contributing to a campaign in support of the Ottawa Food Bank during such a crucial time of need for many is particularly exciting to me. I hope our contribution to this charity will not only create a stronger sense of community in Ottawa, but also help relieve the pressure and uncertainty the pandemic has imposed on individuals across the city.

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