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Complimenting the goal of food security and #CraveCompassion, team six is putting together a campaign called #CookWithCompassion. A digital cookbook with video and content recipes of chefs and home cooks from across the world, a renowned national hockey player, food bloggers and influencers, and friends and family of ACPR. It will touch upon the elements of healthy, yummy and easy food. We have something in store for all age groups, from infants to the elderly. We have offerings from Canada, India, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Italy. The food we are focusing on uses ingredients that are easily accessible to food bank clients. The #CraveForCompassion cookbook will be available online for a minimum amount of $25 to the maximum amount people are willing to contribute. All the funds will be given to the Ottawa Food Bank to provide food to individuals and families in the National Capital Region.

Get to know us:

Seven individuals from different parts of the world, including Canada, Ireland, Mauritius, Colombia and India. Felicia, Marryam, Charlotte, Laura, Ken, Daniela and Anu, are celebrating the love for food and their cultures, with #CookWithCompassion. Each team member is committed to the cause of food security and is passionate to make a difference. We believe that food brings people together, and our campaign focuses around this spirit of togetherness. We want to celebrate the compassion in preparing and providing food. Each one of us brings our own skillset to the table, like Charlotte’s creativity and focus, Felicia's proactiveness and positive approach, Laura’s out of the box ideas and great attitude, Ken’s resourcefulness and energy, Marryam's content skills and composed demeanor, Daniela’s problem solving skills and cheerfulness, and Anu’s planning and experience. Together, we tick all the boxes to make a group of “go-getters”.

Let’s know a little more about each one of us-


As a PR student who worked in many restaurants, Felicia always loved the service industry and is passionate about good food and the harmony of ingredients. “One of my lifetime dreams is to open a restaurant or take care of a vineyard with my future family.“ Felicia is excited to work with the Ottawa Food Bank since she believes that the basic need in life is having food and water available at all times.


A communications graduate from Trent University and current ACPR student with a passion for working with non-profit organizations. Charlotte is very eager to raise awareness and donations for the Ottawa Food Bank, and although it seems daunting to move our campaigns to online platforms, she feels that our team is thriving under this unexpected challenge.


A PR student with little experience in the field but an avid learner and passionate about learning and concocting new recipes. Being a mom of two she spends a lot of her time in the kitchen, as she believes “Healthy minds derive from healthy diets”. She supports the #CraveCompassion campaign in full faith as she understands the significance of food security being a provider to her small family herself. She would love to indulge her sincere efforts towards the fundraising of this great cause.


Born and raised in Ottawa, Laura Jacques is a mental health advocate that understands the importance of food security when it comes to maintaining one's stress levels, mood, and anxiety. She believes the Cook With Compassion virtual cookbook can offer an original and enjoyable change in the kitchen of people consulting the Ottawa Food Bank.


Growing up in a multicultural environment Daniela has always had a passion for trying new foods. Daniela also believes that food can bring people together from different parts of the world. She’s excited to be part of the Crave Compassion campaign as she believes that no one should go to bed with an empty stomach.


As a Canadian Forces Veteran with many years of life experience behind him and being a father to three children makes Ken understand why food security is so important to everyone.  He decided that he would bring his voice to the world of PR and was elated when the Ottawa Food Bank was selected for the campaign.  “This campaign will allow us to show how important food is to all of us, from everywhere and I am looking forward to contributing to the food security of my fellow Canadians,” says Ken.


A PR professional from the land of yoga, India, Anu, loves to spend time in the kitchen. “It's therapeutic for me. I love cooking for friends and family and making them smile,” she quotes. She has explored a new love for baking, and her first attempt was a chocolate lava cake for her husband's birthday. Her favourite cuisines are Indian, Chinese, Thai and Italian. Her favorite memories are the ones connected to food, and she wants to continue cooking, feeding and eating.

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